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Yeah yeah...i draw cats alot..that's all i know how to draw ok?


Okay so it's been so long since I've done one of these.

I was tagged by my darlin' SnowAngelRika ~

Riluff why you do this to meeee D:
1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Riluff wanted me to do Runningleaf. Oh gosh here goes a dramatic trip down memory lane.

Because I removed all art older than two years from dA, I'll be sharing pictures others had drawn of Runningleaf. Keep in mind that they're all uber old though.

Runingleaf by ShadowTika
art my ShadowTikitra 

1. Runningleaf was my first OC ever, even if she was based on the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. She first started out as an offline character when a close friend and I used to LARP Warriors (don't judge).

2. Originally, Runningleaf was actually a black cat with orange markings. Her 'hair bangs' was actually markings on her head. While her over-all pelt color changed, her markings and eye color stayed the same.

Burning Sky by GingerFlight
art by GingerFlight

3. Runningleaf was originally deputy of Hollowclan before the group was even created. When W:UT became a thing here on dA, Runningleaf retained her name but became leader of Hollowclan instead without ever adopting the name 'star'.

4. Now moving away from WUT, Runningleaf was given her name based off two cats in the real warriors books: Runningwind and Spottedleaf. 

5. Runningleaf is also the reason why I've been nicknamed 'Runrun' and she's also the reason why my user for dA is 'Runrun' (the Muffin is for something else). Because of that, my professional writer's name is Runaja that way I can still retain the nickname Runrun, forever linking me back to Runningleaf.

6. Runningleaf was the first of my OCs to be used actively and live out a long life. She even died at one point in WUT although now lives on as a timeless character who is unbound to any story or group. 

7. When Runningleaf died, I couldn't bare to let go of her and so she was reincarnated into Runningstream who owned a different marking design but retailed the orange color, green eyes, and had a black pelt to represent Runningleaf's original character design.

Minnowpond's Kitting by Goldenfeatherwarrior
art by Goldenfeatherwarrior

8. It's been about a year since I last drew Runningleaf properly. She's almost become a forgotten character now so I was surprised that she was brought up for this tag. For Runningleaf's final fact, she was created as the kind of person I always wanted to be. Kind, honest, loved by many, eternal loyalty, and yet someone with an open mind who doesn't let borders limit what she can do.

I Will NOT Be Forgotten by RunrunMuffin
art by me

Riluff, you made me really miss Runningleaf now T.T

Now to talk others XD

1. KnifeyCat - Knifey~
2. ShadowTikitra - Ravenstreak
3. AureolinLight - Sagewing

(I'm breaking the rules and only choosing three!!! Because I got rid of a lot of people I watched and most of the characters I knew from others are Warriors related and...yes. Anyway.)

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