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December 9, 2012
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Welcome Aboard~ by RunrunMuffin Welcome Aboard~ by RunrunMuffin
:blackrose::rose:Sinour Tablour:rose::blackrose:

Bounder padded around the Crow's Nest and gazed out at the land that was quickly approaching. He grabbed hold of the rope hanging from the Crow's Nest's and grabbed hold it of tightly. He leaped from the nest and slid down the length of the rope toward the deck of his ship. He released when he was within safe dropping distance and landed hard on his paws. He twitched his head to the side to clear his long head fur from his good eye and quickly pelted toward the stern. He grabbed hold of the helm. He turned the spokes to the side and steered the small ship toward the shores of Fellakorr. He drove his ship right into the beach shore, driving the sand to either side of the bow. Bounder released the helm and padded over to the edge of his ship. He reached up to the rail and set his paws against the top, gazing at his home city.

Yay First KCR art :'D Now I'm a real member XD I loooveeee my 'pirate'-Bound XD
Guess what his ship is called? :ninja: "TigerBound" :'D I still love Bounder-Boy's name Tigerbound so I wanted to keep it somehow since the meaning behind the name is great and deep. I didn't want to give him a warriors name and so his boat will be called TigerBound :3 Cap T and a cap B as well ^^ Named after he and his brother :heart: The dream they had together :heart:

Bounder-Boy is up for roleplay to anyone in KCR who wants to get a Searoaver to take them around :'D
I know it's a bit unrealistic that Bounder can man a ship by himself so for now his ship is really small. Like it looks like a ship though it's small enough that he can control on his own. I'm making him a First Mate to help him with the ship though I haven't figured out who I want It to be yet :shrug: It will be one of my old RP characters. So the possibility are Runningleaf, my Huckle-Baby, Stained, Or anyone I may think up >.< I'll be drawing posabilities of them all in KCR style ;3.
Also... this picture was hard to draw... It was my first time drawing a pirate ship.. gawd...

About the piece:
Okay so this was probably the most difficult thing I've ever drawn... orz... The rope is terrible. This rose is awkward though I love it :heart: I'm really proud of his pose though it was really hard x.x I wanted to try out a new type of eye and so I gave it a go at a different kind of animal eye. I personally really like it >.< So I'm sticking with this style for now on XD Also the paws. I am in love with making paws like this XD I practiced a bunch on a different piece of art (I cant tell you what it is yet x.x) But I gave it a try here as well and It worked great :'D I dont really like the deck of the ship or the mast but I am realy proud of the sail and the rail :3 ^.^ Also I decided to add jewels to his golden bands x.x Perhaps he found them while sailing ;3 Idk XD

Bounder, Tiger, and art belong to moi <3
Total Time: 5h (split between two days. 5h and I could still do better! I see many mistakes already but Am too lazy to fix it XD)
Programs Used: GIMP
Tablet: Sinour Tablour
Reffs: Bounder Bounder Mast Railing Deck

Previous (Tiger)Bound art
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I must say, this is a very impressive drawing!
To start off, I absolutely love the perspective used in this drawing. The cat looks like it's about to kick ya! The background adds to the activity in this. It makes the viewer seem like they're in a high up place and the cat is swinging around the ship. The shading is very good and adds more depth to the image.

Overall, this is very well done! I must say something about the 'arm' grabbing the rope. It seems a bit disproportionate and awkward. Other than that, amazing job! You have much to be proud of. :3
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I have to give you props for taking on a challenging pose in perspective. I applaud the ambition as I've seen so many play it safe and staid when it comes to setting a scene.

That said, the ambition may have cost you in the execution. In particular, the background suffers from a wonky perspective. The lines that form the planks of the ship are all parallel to one another, so they don't suggest a horizon or vanishing point exist anywhere in the composition. If we're looking down on the ship's deck, then the cylinder that forms the ship's mast should taper down towards the deck. Considering the angle you're going for, I would suggest using at least 3 point perspective, or if you're feeling really ambitious, 5 point (for more epic-ness, and expanding the field of view without having to make the dimensions of the borders any larger).

As for the character's anatomy and pose, he's lacking any kind of tension in his body that would indicate that he has weight. (i.e., he appears more to be floating than hanging from the rope)

In general, you might want to brush up some more on animal anatomy, and specifically at how different surfaces of the figure/ body looks and changes as it turns in three dimensions.
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Indestrocto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol be careful Feshik doesn't shoot him! :)
Indestrocto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When he goes to Akairu that is.
RunrunMuffin Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
ohmai xD Now that would be trouble for my Bounder-boy, haha x3
Indestrocto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol... Well nice picture anyways
RunrunMuffin Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Daw thankies ^^
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